Unique and complex.

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Features :

Degrees of alcohol 5%.???

When it was launched in 1990, Kirin Ichiban caused a sensation in the world of Super Premium beers. The characteristics of its brewing process gives a unique and complex flavor.

The pure, invigorating and intensely satisfying taste of Kirin Ichiban comes from the unique Shibori Ichiban brewing process. Ichiban Shibori is a process by which beer is made from a single first pressing of the finest ingredients, resulting in a smoother, more flavorful liquid. Only Kirin Ichiban is made with these standards for superior taste.

Chinese diet effects:

Strengthens the stomach, dispels stagnation of food, eliminates dampness, promotes diuresis, favorable in cases of arterial hypertension, heart disease, anemia, insomnia, neurasthenia. ?


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